Crystal Ball Fortune Teller

Sit In Silence And Hold This Ball In Her Hands

Divination is known as the art of predicting some future events and finding some hidden reasons for some unexplained questions. There are lots of different “mechanical” aids that can boost a so-called Fortune Teller’s inspiration and intuition such as runes, Tarot cards, pendulums, etc. One of the powerful and useful tools for divination is considered as the crystal balls. When using a crystal ball for her work, a Fortune Teller will focus on the reflective surface of the ball until she is able to hear the voices or see some strange pictures and symbols on the reflective surface of this ball. Although these magical tools are difficult to perform, the results are so incredible. Once concentrating on this ball, we are totally able to ask any kind of queries related to many aspects in our life such as our personal life, relationship, property, health and other aspects.

How does a Fortune Teller use a Crystal Ball for her divination?

In general, dozens of so-called Fortune Tellers choose the transparent crystal balls such as purple amethyst ones for divination. One of the most significant things is that the surfaces have to be smooth and without any cracks. The smooth and transparent crystal balls will aid these Fortune Tellers in getting an obvious vision. There are 3 primary steps when a Fortune Teller uses this ball for her divination.

How does a Fortune Teller use a Crystal Ball for her divination?
  • She will sit in silence and hold this ball in her hands or put it on a table. After that, she will focus on our query that we desire to get the answer.
  • Next, she will close her eyes slowly and take 3 deep breaths. After that, she opens her eyes and starts focusing on the crystal ball. At that time, keep in mind that she still keeps her breath deep, slow and smooth and wait for the answer which is able to come in the form of a blurry picture on the reflective surface of the crystal ball or come into her thought. Don’t forget that she will never force this to take place. Instead, she will be patient till the answer appears.
  • After she sees a blurry picture in the crystal ball, she will not pay deep attention to this picture itself. Instead, she will concentrate on our question. Here is an appropriate moment for her to interpret the meaning of something she has just received from a crystal ball.

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